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Safety and Privacy Policy

Monte da Lua provides to clients, partners and website users, the privacy and safety for the data provided for the several services, we only ask and collect the data needed for the service according to the information present on the website and user options. If needed the data owner can ask for access, correction or erasing the data.
Therefore we assume with our service users & website the following commitments:
• Proceed to data management in legal & ethic way, collecting only the data needed for the specific purpose;
• Allow to the data owner the access and correction of the information provided;
• Do not use the data recolcted to a diferente purpose from the initial one;
• Assure the authorization from data owner when needed;
• Assure the free data elimination when data owner requires it;
• Assure the professional confidentiality regarding the data.

Personal Data Collection

In general our website can be visited without reveling any personal information. In some areas there c may have need for some personal data (contact, booking, etc.), to use the services provided.
the user can take the option of providing some personal data such as name, address, phone number, e-mail address, etc (needed for requesting information, book a room, etc.), or by direct contact (phone), where the data collection is strictly confined to the client request.
All the personel is obliged to maintain confidentiality regarding the data they access in their professional activities. They are informed and aware of the their duty to have professional confidentiality being responsible for complying with the duty of confidentiality.
According to the law n.º 67/98, from October 26th, It’s allowed to the data owner of our services to access, update and correcting personal data by contacting us or using any public contact available.

Statistics files

We register the IP address of all the connections to our website. This information is used to gather statistic data. There aren’t any co-relation with services and ineraction with the users. Monte da Lua tracks all the statistic information from the site use in a global and anonymous way. The data used to this purpose don’t contain personal ID data or private information. The analysis from the global statistics are made to identify the use patterns of the site in a continuous improvement approach to improve servisse levels and customer satisfaction.

Changes in privacy actions

If Monte da Lua, changes the privacy actions, those changes will be portrayed in this place.

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